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ARC Painting Complete Process

Our thorough process ensures that your home will be well protected, and look beautiful for years to come.
- Exterior Painting Prep
- Interior Painting Prep
- The Finish Coat
how to interior house painting

– Preparation is Key –

Exterior Painting:

- We carefully plan work dates to coincide with good weather. Painting requires dry weather, as well as a recommended minimum temperature of 10°C for most products. Moisture must also be allowed to completely evaporate from materials to be painted.
- Drop-sheets are used at all times to protect your home and landscaping. We do our best not to disturb flowers and gardens.
- We will clean all soiled surfaces prior to painting. Power-washing is done as required, or on any surfaces requested.
- We perform any and all maintenance tasks involving filling cracks, holes, and imperfections in surfaces. Caulking along windows and doors, puttying window panes, and minor repairs to eave-troughs and trim. This can be even more important than the paint itself, and we take care to identify and remedy all issues.
- Surfaces are scraped of any loose or peeling paint, and sanded smooth to ensure surface integrity. Additional sanding can be done as requested to maximize aesthetics, such as in highly visible areas.
- priming is done on all surfaces requiring sealing or better adhesion for the finish coat.

Interior Painting:

The interior process is suited to less to battling the elements, and more towards taking care of the interior of your home, while achieving clean lines and beautiful colour.

- floors and furniture are covered in durable canvass drop-sheets, and doorways are sealed with plastic sheets during sanding.
- faceplates, light fixtures and other wall hardware are removed as required and reinstalled at completion.
- surfaces are made smooth by filling holes and cracks, and sanding.
- minor drywall repairs can be done if requested, and new drywall primed.

– The Finish –

Once all preparation is done to achieve a sound surface, we will apply high-quality finishes. Our suppliers are Sherwin Williams and Benjamin Moore, each offering a wide variety of top-line products to handle any painting application. We always use the most appropriate finish for each surface to maximize longevity and aesthetics.

Colour selection can be tricky, and we offer every resource to help choose the perfect look for your home. We offer advice, provide colour samples, and can recommend design services.

Finish coats are applied with the best applicators for the surface to achieve an even look, and a durable, washable surface. Two coats are standard.

Nearing the end of the job, we will walk through with the client to ensure satisfaction, and identify any touch-ups. We will clean up all work areas, and replace furniture as requested.